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I bumped into a guy on Yahoo Answers.

He was asking about selling United shirts on eBay.

I said no, no, no ....

Come to our forum and we'll
check what they're worth for you
and maybe someone there will buy them
or they will know someone who will buy them.

So I will post large pics of the shirts
in the next 3 posts (4 images per post)

Can we have some idea of value please ...

And bids from anyone interested.

He's a fellow red so no trying to rip him off Grrrrr ...

He has joined here too after I twisted his arm

I hope he says hi on this thread or I'll have to search ...

OK here's the pics....

Feedback please ...


Thy are probably worth a lot to the owner but
unless they are signed by players or something
i'd say they are not worth very much really.

You can find the same ones in charity shops
for about £1.

We had a "kit aid" collection day last year and
there was over 3,000 shirts, shorts, socks donated,
the majority were United kits, including the shirts above.

I'd tell him to keep them and treasure them forever.

I've got 4 of them shirts and they're in much
better condition. the black kit at the top looks
like it belonged to a tramp lol.

Not worth anything at all in my opinon, you'd
be lucky to get any offers at all.

You said he joined here, what's his name?
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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