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Forza Gattuso!

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Am I the only one who adores this man?

A true midfield general who never stops. FOR ANYONE.

He actually is quite good on the ball and can beat people on the dribble, which I shall demonstrate with a video on this.

I've been watching Milan for sometime now, as they are on TV pretty much every week, and I must say in all of my lifetime of watching football (that's 17 years now) there have been 2 people who have stood out for me as people who never stopped driving towards the victory, no matter the scoreline. One of them is Roy Keane, and the other is Gennaro Gattuso.

While I'm not comparing the two it must be said that the two of them definitely share the same petulance and passion for the game of football.

Perhaps Gattuso lacks the ability to hit that killer through-ball that Pirlo, Xavi and other deep lying midfielders have, but he more than makes up for that with his killer work-rate and ability to play in central defense and on the right side of midfield as well. He also has a venomous strike on the ball, which enables him to not only score from outrageous distances, but also clear the ball from danger and actually set up scoring opportunities from the long balls he hits, by hitting them over defenses and letting the smaller, speedier strikers run onto them.

Though he may not be the silkiest, smoothest player he's certainly a joy to watch. To watch "the snarling dog" run and run and run, and make tackle after crunching tackle is truly an experience I enjoy. He's a guy I'd love to have on my team, not only to do the dirty work, but to provide that much needed spark to inspire a team to stick it out and work harder.


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he is the only italian player i like.
he is a butcher and has a heart of a lion.

i admire that about him.
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