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Fraizer Campbell might play in Premier League next season!

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Fraizer Campbell's current team Hull City (he's there on loan) has just proceeded into Premier League! Hull City won 1:0 against Bristol City in Wembley.

It's good news for United and good news for Fraizer Campbell, because it means that he would be confronted with better players, so he could improve his own skills.

Do you think it's possible for him to play in Hull City next season? It would be awesome to see him scoring against Liverpool or Arsenal! :D

I just hope we won't get rid of him for good. He is capable of playing for United in future.
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I think we will keep him also, it depends actually because he's said him and Welbeck will get chances but if we have them plus Tevez Roo Saha and the new striker its going to get a bit much :(
And they won't get too many chances.
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