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Frazier Campbell- Stay or Leave?

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Read in the newspaper today that Charlton are planning a £2m bid for Frazier Campbell in the summer.

That seems like a good price to me but some people think he has potential.

Do you think he can make it at Old Trafford? Should we sell him and, if so, is £2m a fair price?
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We should keep him, I hear he's doing well at Hull
so it's worth seeing if he amounts to anything.
I don't think we're desperate to cash in for just 2 million
Absolutely right, why must we need to cash in on a young & talented teenage starlet who possessed immense potential just for a meagre £2m when we are not entering any form of crisis where money is in need urgently? Heard that he bagged a superb brace for Hull City on his debut!
We dont need the money.

Keep him.

Loan him to Charlton, playing in our reserves wont do him any good but I think Charlton is the right level for him.
I think he has scored 9 goals this season so far and 3 in his
last 3 games, the last being a 25 yard cracker by all accounts.
In this day and age £2million is hardly huge money is it?
A lot of our potential signings that go out on loan usually
end up sold or floating around the reserves.

Can Campbell make it at United? I doubt he will ever hold
down a starting place in the first 11. With Rooney, Tevez,
Saha, Manucho, Wellbeck and the possiblity of a summer
signing then I fear he will never get a fair crack at it.
id be gutted to see him go
want him to bee given a chance
dunno for sure........our current crop of strikers are very young and skilfull.....he is young and his career could face a down slide if he continues with us.....he would have to be really good if we are gonna keep i think Justice says right...we can LOAN him to charlton and then if he is good there then he can be kept...but i have my suspicions he will be sold......
if fergie sells him then he isnt good enough only they know we havent seen enough yet besides where is he gonna get games rooney , teves , saha , manocho , and now welbeck who fergie really rates maybe take the cash now rather than when he comes back plays no games and the price drops
i think we should sell him becuase he isnt going to be playing as he wont get in front of the likes of tevez, rooney, saha and now we have manucho so where is he going to fit in? i think 2 million is a fair price.
Sell him. It woudnt be fair on him, if we kept him and he didn't get any games. Too many players ahead of him for that position.
i wont sell him...i see potential in him

hes fast and great goal scorer
More good news for Campbell and Hull.
He scored 2 goals tonight to take his tally to 13 for the season in 26 games,
as they beat Colchester 3-1 tonight. Seems to be fulfilling his potential,
albeit in the Championship:
I was thinking about this the other night. When was the last time a youth player came through our ranks as a CF. Never. It's too risky playing a youth player in that position. CF is perhaps the most important player on the pitch.

Probably should loan him out to a club like Blackburn or Watford. See how he gets on there.
RichardsReds said:
Probably should loan him out to a club like Blackburn or Watford. See how he gets on there.
A team like Watford???
He plays for Hull who are only 2 places and 2 points behind Watford.
Next season. Basically i meant whichever team gets promoted. I thought Watford are a cert to go up, unlike Hull.
Honestly speaking, we should hold on to him for another season, but only to let his value rise. 2m pounds is not much in today's market, but it would pay Vidic's salary for a year.

The point is, he is most likely never to make it at UNited, but might prove himself somewhere else and if Fergie loans him out again and he has a cracking season, we might get 3 or 4 mil for him.
Frazier Campbell Stats...

English League Championship
Games played 26 Scored 10 Assist 2

He's young, and I think we should have some pride in our own youth system.
Give them a chance to development, not selling them. It will kinda motivate other youth that there's hope to play in the first team...

Fazman... He may fetch a higher price in the near future...
yeah but he may not we will get more than 2 mill now anyway
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