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Freddy Adu to Benfica!?

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Swedish newspapers reports according to AFP (Angece France-Presse) and some local Portuguese sources Freddy Adu and Benfica have agreed on a 5-year contract. Benfica will pay only 2 million euros for him. That's a bargain if u ask me.:cool:
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2mil euro's about 1.4 mil pounds.

He's unproven in my eye.
There were complications with SAF signing him. If he does well in Portugese football SAF may go for him. United is going the Brazilian/Portugese way of football where as Liverpool is spanish and Arsenal is french.
Chelsea are going African haha =] Want to know why im laughing? African cup of nations = Drogba and Essien, and mikel and kalou but there shite anyway, going away to Africa for a long time, leaving Chelsea lost. =]
1 - 3 of 11 Posts
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