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He scores once in about 30 efforts........and that's not counting how many times he hits the

1.-Nakamura.......(the best technical free kick taker i've ever seen)

2.-Van Persie........(the second best technical free kick taker i've ever seen)

3.-David Beckham......(One of the best dead ball strikers the world has ever seen)

4.-Zico......(amazing power.....scored one just like Ronaldos in the european 11 match.....except several times a season...?

5.-Roberto Carlos....(just has to be in

Merit Award-....Stuart Downing......makes me all tensed up whenever I see him over a corner kick or a free kick against us......magnificent technique and consistency..

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Juninho Pernambucano

Rogerio Ceni and Chilavert are good free kick taking goalkeepers!!

Ronaldo and Roberto Carlos can hit them but only 1 in a blue moon

Ian Harte has a better record than them!!!

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1. Junihno- his record speaks for itself.... has anyone else scored more FK's??No I think.
2. Beckham- has the best technique for FK's in world football.
3. Ronaldihno- scores lots of FK's.
4. Nakamuru- beautiful left foot technique. Scored a screamer against us......
5. Riquelme- has been scoring them for fun recently for Argentina.

also Van Persie, Pirlo, Anelka, Elano, Berbatov, Downing and Harte deserve a mention for being good at taking free kicks.
Strangely or not I have no United players in that lot.......

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Beckham, Zidane, Riquelme, Ronaldinho and Juninho are the best free kick takers I have seen.

The best free kick I have ever seen was that one by Roberto Carlos against France but for every free-kick that guy scores he misses about a hundred!!!
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