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The Premier League is said to have urged United officials to consider leaving their
Old Trafford home and move to a new stadium in the South of England – to cash
in on their ever-increasing fan base.

OK, I just made all that up.

But in the wake of the Premier League’s plans to start playing matches abroad
you have to consider the unthinkable might one day happen.

I’m sure some accountant :rolleyes: somewhere has been studying the
whereabouts of United’s fan base to see whether that old cliche that most of
them live near Basingstoke is in fact true and whether or not the club could
be “marketed” better towards their needs.

If the Glazers stay in charge maybe they might want to move the club to America.

With the corporatisation of United almost complete their traditional core support
from the local area – even the wider Greater Manchester area, Cheshire suburbs
excluded – has been slowly eroded with kids who would once have been natural
supporters now alienated from the club mainly because it has become
inaccessible to them.

So perhaps in another decade or so the idea that United – “the global brand” –
might one day sever its links with the city might not be so crazy or far fetched
as it seems now.

American football confuses the hell out of me - they just pick a whole team up -
move it to another city - change it's name and carry on like nothing
happens ... :eek:

How long before the UK tries this plan ... :confused:

Well if Wimbledon can do it …
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