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BBC SPORT | Football | Premier League | Fulham launch Tevez legal claim

Fulham are the latest side to launch a legal claim for compensation against West Ham in the Carlos Tevez affair.

The club say they are claiming for the loss of their league position bonus for the 2006-07 season, about £500,000.

They finished 16th, a place behind West Ham, but argue the Hammers benefited unfairly from Tevez's goals and the merit payment should be reversed.

West Ham reached a settlement with Sheffield United over losses following their relegation earlier this week.

But former Blades boss Neil Warnock is currently considering legal action for loss of earnings, and some of his squad from that season are rumoured to be following suit.

Leeds' decision to take legal advice, after the Blades' relegation saw them miss out on add-ons from the transfers of Rob Hulse, Matthew Kilgallon and Ian Bennett to Bramall Lane, shows how far reaching the consequences of the whole affair could be.

Sheffield United's compensation figure has not been disclosed but the BBC understands it is in the region of £20m in instalments.

The Hammers were fined £5.5m in April 2007 by the Premier League for breaking rules over third-party agreements when bringing striker Tevez and fellow Argentine Javier Mascherano to Upton Park.

They were not docked points and, ultimately, went on to ensure their Premier League survival, with Tevez playing a key part with his goals, including three in the last two games.

A Premier League and Football Association inquiry launched in January continues to investigate the conduct of some West Ham representatives during the affair.

Story from BBC SPORT

Everybody is looking for a slice of the pie.

Smeghead Moderator
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Anyone else see what people are sending in to the Teletext footy opinion page?

"I bought a something or other off ebay but it was fake. I'm suing West Ham."

THAT'S how ludicrous this is getting!!!

The Mexican Boy George
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I might sue them for the pain of losing that match to the Tevez goal
Good idea mate :D, actually though its a funny story I actually did a bet with a west ham supporter of 200 pesos ( about 20 dollars at the time) of that game with the tevez goal so maybe I should also throw out a legal battle against west ham for my money :D, seriously though this is just getting extremely ridicolous borderline laughable.
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