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VDS - 5 Please Catch the ball ! What are you doing fisting it away ? Didnt impose himself. Didnt command his area. Didnt inspire confidence.

Neville - 4 Poor Performance. Is he past it ? Maybe not. Lack of match fitness perhaps ?

Rio - 4 Poor Defending, very weak.

Vidic - 7 One man defence. Nice goal too....

Evra - 5 - OK Performance. Could have been much better

Fletcher - 5 Didn't bother to play

Anderson - 6 Played, but not very well. Tired in Olympics ? No excuses.

Scholes - 7 Sent off , but looked ok. Nice finish in the Hand Goal

Nani - 6 Wasteful. Immature and selfish play. Must regain end product.

Tevez (Manchester United FC) - 8 Fantastic. Made to look super human by embarrasingly useless teamates. One man army.

Rooney - 5 Rubbish. Out of position...again. Ok cross for the goal. He MUST do better

O'Shea 5 - You know it's bad when O'Shea actually comes on and improves things. LOL

Park - 7 I like Park. Nice Playing. Nice one-two with Rooney

Fergie - Sign a striker ! We need a finisher and someone who can change things ! Ge someone !


A 6 performance. Too many players were below par. We are not desperate for a signing but the word complacent epitomises us right now in attack.

Carlos Tevez

Amazing, amazing player. In the second half he brushed off Arshavin and the entire Zenit team like they werent there. I wish he could finish just a bit better. No complaints though, the little Argie is well on track to becoming a Legend. He seemed like the only player on the pitch that actually wanted to win the trophy. We needed more fight and hunger to win that game. I feel for Tevez because he didnt deserve to lose.

Carlos Queiroz

Manchester United is too big for one man to handle even if that man is SAF. Too early to react yet. We need a quality assistant manager. Only a first team coach won't do it. Lets discuss this after ten league games or so.

Scholes "Hand of God"

Very unlike Scholes. Worse than Maradona's 'Hand Of God', I'm disappointed. I haven't lost one ounce of respect for Scholes.When half your team-mates are playing crap it's bound to be a bit frustrating.He got 2 yellows not a straight red so one match ban maximum. Missing the Villareal game I think. Maybe , then it was a reflex action , or he knew he could not reach the ball. But , Nice finish :D

Are we missing Ronaldo ? Maybe..... Are we missing a finisher or a striker ? YES !


* Injuries

* Compplacency

* No Hunget to win ?

* Lack of a striker/finisher

* 2-0 down and the subs we make are Oshea and Brown ? Wtf ?

* Assisstant manager ?

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futbol said:

* Injuries - players are slowly coming back

* Compplacency - ...

* No Hunger to win ? - yeh i suppose

* Lack of a striker/finisher - sign Berbatov

* 2-0 down and the subs we make are Oshea and Brown ? Wtf ? - Relates back to injuries maybe

* Assisstant manager ?
We need another goalscorer....

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no comment....Zenit was better than us....70 min out of 90....we were better the other 20 unfortunately...:(.....dissapointed we didn't get this cup....don't know when we're gonna bump into an ocasion like this again...i hope we at least win the Club world club's gonna be realy hard for United this the game we played in these 4 oficial matches...i didn't see anything encouraging...:(...Good Luck'll needed this year....a lot:(

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abojodeh said:
erm... Ferdinand did clear to many balls
last man tackles
what mistake he have done :confused:

God!!! our fans just blame blame and blame what a shame
Did you see the second goal ? Did you watch the match at all ? Danny

spun around Ferdinand Easily and he allowed him too much space. Just

do not accuse me of balming. Merked. Sloppy defending on various occasions.

Yes he did make one or two good tackles. But overall that was my rating. Rio had

an off day

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VDS - 7.0
Neville - 6.0
Rio - 6.5
Vidic - 7.0 - 1.0(for Danny's goal) + 1.0 (for goal)=7.0 :)
Evra - 5.5
Fletcher - 5.5
Anderson - 7
Scholes - 6.0
Nani - 5.5
Tevez - 8.0(for good game) - 1.0 for result.= 7.0
Rooney - 5.5 poor for him....:(
O'Shea 5.5
Park - 6.0
Fergie - 5.5 for result ;)

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If Rio was the best you are blind..The stronger (probably) defender of europe cannot make a mistake like this.

Vds 6,5 careful
Neville 5 grandfather
Vida 7 Goal+solid display
Rio 5 beginner
Evra 5,5 good attacking match, poor defensive match
Nani 5 I expect more from him
Anderson 5 Tired
Scholes 6 Good match..good hand
Fletcher 5 I'm doubtful he was on the field
Tevez 7,5 Lion heart
Rooney 5,5 great pass on the Vida goal but non a positive match for him

Park 6
O'shea 7 ->great header!
Brown 6

Fergie 5 We need a striker but he didn't buy him

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I wonder what you would rate him at the first half

Rio lost hope of winning at the second half so he didn't play well at the second half
my Rating of Rio
First half 7,5
Second Half 5,5
Overall 6
that would be the most fair rating imo

Here are the manchester Evening news ratings:

6 Van der Sar: Decent first-half stop at his far post but didn't dominate his area at crucial times

5 Neville: Made a few trademark surges down flank but defensively he was caught out at times

6 Evra: Didn't get the proper help he needed from Nani

6 Ferdinand: A mixed bag. Got caught back-pedalling for Danny's goal

7 Vidic: The best of United's defence and up front as well!

5 Fletcher: No opportunities to make a near post dash to add to his scoring run

5 Anderson: Nowhere near the impact he made at Portsmouth

6 Scholes: Didn't waste much but couldn't completely get a grip on midfield

5 Nani: Defensively lost his man a lot and wasn't that sharp in attack

6 Rooney: Playing centrally but didn't get a lot to do

9 Tevez: Zipped around Monaco like a Formula 1 car. Easily United's man of the match

Substitutes: O'Shea (Anderson 59) Livened things up -6, Park (Fletcher 59) Lively effort - 5 Brown (Neville 76) Not much to do -5

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I salute u all man u die hard hoping we are together in this season and wishing our team to perform well than last season, am from kenya in the city of nairobi i do wish to invite ay man u fan visiting kenya to feel at home and enjoy the stay!!!!!! wishing to communicate with u in future lets pray together and wish our team all the best..... have alovely tym all red devils fan wherever u are...
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