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I think Turkish football always have had a lot of money because top players have been moving to Turkey before Güiza but being the top scorer in La Liga to me moving to Turkish league isnt the shortest way to the top. He must really like Aragones.
Guys like Anelka have been playing in Turkey so the league is probably better then what we think but maybe besides Anelka and maybe one or two others a move to Turkey is more likely to happen when you want your last fat pay check before retiring or to get a chance to bounce back after a failur on or off the pitch (like Kezman for example).

Btw, do you remember a superb player moving from Turkey to win the Champions League? Ice man aka Ronny Johnsen. He came to OT from Besiktas.

Im not 100% sure but I think the foregin players have a tax relief so the numbers they got on the contract is what they get at the bank account.
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