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just watched him on motd and had to laugh at girly gallas and his bawling like a bairn at the end . fergie should have that video played on rotation in dressing room before we play them . pipe it into theirs on big screen too . nancy boys one and all !!! toot toot :D :D

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I have to agree.
He is supposed to be their captain and he acted like
a spoilt brat. Going to the other sire of the pitch when
the peno was being taken. It could have been saved and
he should have been defending.
He then kicked the hoardings at full pelt and at the
end of the game sat down and made what seemed to
be a sit down protest.
I guess it shows he cares but for your captain to behave like
that is unacceptable.

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Seriously, I think he's a disgrace to the 'beautiful game'! :mad:

In a situation like that your captain needs to show leadership but for me the way he acted was embarrassing. if there's one player Wenger wants to stay strong; its going to be his captain, and that didn't happen. Gallas seemed to fall apart, and my general feeling, is that it was a fairly childish way to act. Gallas' job as the captain is to be the motivator and the one who keeps his side going when its not the best day for his team. Its not what you want to see from your captain when your in the hunt for the premiership championship title. Doesn anybody agree with me that Kolo Toure should be made the captain for Le'Arse instead?
Last but not least........Mathieu Flamini's a player with excellent potential. He will make it as one of the best players in the world at the near future. I rate him above Fibreglass. Anderson vs Flamini > Roy Keane vs Patrick Vieira ;)

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Arsenal team-mates tell William Gallas: Act like our captain

Source: Mirror

What a great read. Enjoy.:D :D

William Gallas has been hit by an angry dressing room backlash from his Arsenal team-mates.

They told the Frenchman his crazy antics after Saturday's game at Birmingham were "not the behaviour of a captain". The Gunners skipper lost the plot after his side suffered a major setback to their Premier League title hopes. Gallas broke down in tears, sulked on the pitch and even went up the other end as Birmingham's James McFadden netted a last minute penalty.

But Mirror Sport can reveal that Gallas carried on his behaviour in the dressing room and had to be calmed down by several senior players, some of whom questioned his leadership at St Andrews.

Gallas did not stop ranting, raving and shouting as he showed signs of cracking up. Gilberto, Mathieu Flamini and Emmanuel Adebayor were among the players to step in and calm down the French defender.

Several other players were upset that Gallas went to the opposite end of the pitch rather than support Arsenal keeper Manuel Almunia as he faced McFadden's penalty.

But Gallas will not face any action from the Arsenal hierarchy. It is believed boss Arsene Wenger is ready to excuse Gallas's antics because they followed the trauma of seeing teammate Eduardo suffer a horrific broken leg after a challenge by Birmingham defender Martin Taylor.
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