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When it comes to good managers, you have to look hard & you have to look deep. When it comes to good English managers...

Let's just say that they're a more precious commodity than good English players. That's saying something.

Myself I believe Southgate has some of the hallmarks of a coach that could become a great one.

For me the most impressive is his eye for players. Although he never really took off at Middlesbrough Jonathan Woodgate.

For an English player he's a very talented defender that Southgate spotted. Pogatetz. If you can forgive him for hospitalizing Possebon.

He is an impressive defender in his own right. Of course Southgate took the obligatory take an Arsenal reject path.

Hoyte isn't particularly great but he suits Middlesbrough & plays better for them. Also Aliadière is better than most people think.

He reminds me of Dirk Kuyt. A striker who can't really score is often a target for ridicule.

However both play roles out wide that add another dimension to their team. You don't miss them until they're gone.

Downing & Arca. Two talented midfielders. One of whom is young & English. Both very sought after qualities.

Now time for his greatest signings of all. Tuncay & Mido. I am a massive Tuncay fan. Enough said.

As for Mido on his day, if he's fit, he's good enough for a lot of big teams. A lot.

In fact he only bad signing as far as I know is Alfonso Alves who I honestly don't get what Southgate sees in him.

What do you guys think of Southgate. Also anybody else think Alves should be moved on?

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Transfer activities don't make a manager -even if they represent a manager's abilities.

I posted a few articles in the summer about Boro and it would seem that Niall Quinn also has a big part to play in transfers at Boro.

Preferably, manager's should be judged by their tactical and man-managing abilities. Recruiting the right players to execute your tactics are of course important, but in case you don't get those players, getting the best of what you have is even more important.

For example, bringing on Giggs when you;re trailing 2-0 to the Arse is NOT a good managerial move :rolleyes:
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