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Sir Alex Ferguson has congratulated himself on successfully galvanising the Bolton players ahead of their clash at Chelsea.

While United did not require any assistance from the Trotters as their win at Wigan was sufficient to secure the title, Ferguson has been credited with inspiring Bolton's draw at Stamford Bridge by questioning their attitude in his Friday press conference. "They've been out partying all week," he informed reporters with a calculated sneer.

In fact, the allegation was without foundation, and rather than apologise for questioning Bolton's integrity, Ferguson has reflected smugly on what he describes as a "a little nibble to keep their minds alert".

The Scot has revealed that he received a congratulatory text message from Gary Megson on Sunday which read, "Well done, your team talk was brilliant."

"I think he used that. I was very pleased," a self-satisfied Ferguson commented on Monday.

The 'little nibble' wasn't the only deception Ferguson exercised to his advantage in his press conference. The Manchester United manager also assured reporters that Wayne Rooney was unfit, and it was doubtful whether the striker would even figure as a substitute. In the event, Rooney played the full 90 minutes.
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