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Brown should have been given more time and confidence this season to continue where he left off last season. He was immense at RB last season and i like how someone else put, he gets respect from opposition of that position through his power,lol...i love that.

He has his family problems with his sister etc and i think that was the time for fergie to show him support rather than leave him out for neville...who should have been made to earn his spot back in my honest opinion after our achievements at the back last year.

That being said, neville is still valuable in situations which require a experienced head and he is one. But also for me, its 1 - brown , 2 - Rafa and 3rd - Neville

Great servent to the club no doubt!


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The man was a great servant to United.... he loves everything United and is a great roll model! He was never the most tallented player but made up for it with heart, fight and pure love for the game! So i respect him for all he has done for United!

But i have to say that Gary is just not good enough to play big games for us anymore, he doesn't have the legs, fittness or form of old!
He should bow down after this season IMO....

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RedForceRising said:

some of the comments are over the top and out of line,
but in general I would say that they express the dismay
of witnessing a legend's deterioration.

I think they are exaggerating though, because Nevile
still looks decent against the weaker teams, but even
I think he should be used as a squad player and not a

Wes Brown 's performances last season changed me
from a vehement critic to a firm fan
and he should be
the regular starter at RB rotating with Rafael.

Both of them offer more to me than Neville, but Gazza
still can be a useful squad player to fill in for them
during times of injury.

It's not meant to be disrespectful to Gazza, but it's
just the way life goes.

He isn't the player he used to be. Neither is Giggs and
neither is Scholes. They are on the way out, but that's life.

That's football.
i like to think i had something to do with it :p

anyway - i think he should fight for his place with rafael - not a firt team option immediately ( brown that is )
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