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George Best - 22nd May 1946 - 25th November

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[ quote Goerge Best] "if one person remembers me for my football, that's good enough for me"

Had the pleasure to see him play and the honour to meet him.

never forgotten. RIP George.

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he lived a life thats full.
he traveled each and evry highway;
and more, much more than this,
he did it his way.

regrets, he had a few;
but then again, too few to mention.
he did what he had to do
And saw it through without exemption.

he planned each charted course;
each careful step along the byway,
but more, much more than this,
he did it his way.

yes, there were times, im sure you knew
When he bit off more than he could chew.
but through it all, when there was doubt,
he ate it up and spit it out.
he faced it all and he stood tall;
And did it his way.

he loved, he laughed and cried.
he had his fill; his share of losing.
and now, as tears subside,
he find it all so amusing.

to think he did all that;
and may I say - not in a shy way,
No, oh no not him,
he did it his way.

for what is a man, what has he got?
if not himself, then he has naught.
to say the things he truly feels;
and not the words of one who kneels.
the record shows he took the blows -
and did it his way!

R.I.P george :(
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1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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