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After Michael Ballack scored twice for Chelsea against Ipswich Town. I wonder me what do you (British/Irish peoples) think of Michael Ballack?

And what do you (British/Irish peoples) think of other German footballers in England? Jürgen Klinsmann, Dietmar Hamannn, Bert Trautmann and so on...

Is it true that Jürgen Klinsmann is still a hero for Tottenham?

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There havent been plentiful german greats in the premiership but to answer your question, Klinsmann is definitely still regarded highly among Spurs fans

I was wacthing SSN yestertday and some fan mentioned that he would rather spend 15m on bringing back an old Klinsmann than buying back Robbie Keane ...

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I loved Klinsman in his prime .

My year at school got tickets to the Germany vs Russia match at Euro 1996 at Old trafford .

In that game I witnessed Klinnsmans best goal I think it was awesome.

Other than him Hitzelspurger scored some great goals for Villa.
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