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Great post SirWayne...

SirWayne said:
Expectation has been high for Rooney since bursting onto the
scene at Everton
Exactly....he came into the spotlight, at such a high level and was expected to
maintain it!

He scored a hat-trick on his debut, and people expect loads. Like you, I'm a huge
Wazza fan and hate seeing him slated as he, to me anyways, seems to put in
the most effort at times. How many forwards do you see in the left back position
tracking back on a ball? Not very many...

Sure, he drops deep, too deep at times but its the Rooney factor that excites
people. He can switch the play with ease and its been said before, but if Rooney
wasn't there, Ronaldo wouldn't have scored half the goals he did....

He will come good I'm sure of that. When I go to games, and see he's on the
bench or not there at all, I feel such disappointment. Unbelievable player and to
me, he's worth 10 times as much as Ronaldo will ever be!

Great thread!


yangch0000 said:
as long as he does not go into a reckless tackle out of pure
Agreed....but that passion/anger is what makes him. I must admit though, he came flying
back last Sunday against Newcastle with a sliding tackle and I'll tell you now, if he took
down the player, it was an early shower IMO.

But TBH, he's curbed his aggression to a tee ATM. Remember the days when he was sent
off for clapping a ref! :rolleyes:
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