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If I have one gripe with Rooney it is his temper. Teams do need passionate players that give everything but his outburst towards officials are inexcusable at times. He has already picked up a a yellow card this season for exactly that reason and with the new respect campaign he will have to change his ways soon or he is going to end up missing matches some of which could be very important.

I think he can improve his discipline and his finishing too which seems to be most fans problem with his performances in recent seasons. I think finishing ability goes hand in hand with experience and Rooney is still pretty young. I seem to remember Scholes being involved in poor finishes early on in his career and Ronaldo has become a great goal scorer over the last two seasons.

It is interesting to see where fellow fans see that Rooney requires improvement and the linked articles are good too not least RedForceRising's which is very good.
Another big season for Rooney is ahead with expectations never higher I hope we all can give him time to realise his and our dreams.
41 - 45 of 45 Posts
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