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andersons_left_foot said:
why take the passion away from the game fair enough its a bad example to kids agreed, but we all love a little bust up from now and then, i think things like chatting back to the ref should be adressed more than anything and perhaps goal line stuff also meh i duno lol
Exactly. Imagine, would Neville, in a match vs Liverpool Neville saying "excuse me ref don't you think that was a foul?" Hell no! Football is about passion and commitment so emotions are always gonna be high.

And I mean, how the hell can you show respect to crap referees? Steve ****** Bennet!? Mark 'jesus god'(as fergie would say) Clattenberg?

We have been the victim of so many none penalties its unbelievable. Before they tell players how to talk to refs the FA need to talk to the refs about how to do there job properly!
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