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Completely wrong decisions by referees are becoming more and more common, referees are keeping silent in the greatest onslaught against them in many years.

RESPECT! Not on your proverabial nelly mate. How can players give an ounce of respect to an official who, after a teams 89 minutes of hard work, bone crunching tackles, blood, sweat and no few tears, turn a game on its head by awarding a goal that was NEVER with 24 inches of the relevant line, or give a penalty when its perfectly clear the the refs blind dog that there was never contact.

The bottom line is yet again, pathetic decisions by referees. Charlie Nicholas wants to know why Styles even has the uniform on, let alone being in the Premiership.

Bottom line 2: professional refs do not work, bin them now. The Referee's association need to bring in a supremo to oversee the actual training of referees in todays game - only one candidate is in the frame:

Collina - The Master

He will restore respect into them, or lose a load of crap on the way

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refs (like players and humans) make mistakes.
I dont think its a repect issue here at all. Its not as if they are messing up
on purpose is it?
Mistakes in a way are good, cos it will mean the introduction of video technology
sooner rather than later.
We need to step it up the same way they have done in cricket, rugby and tennis.
These calls can be made in seconds and there are some great ideas around the
Put a chip in the ball to see if it crosses the line-easy (no more mistakes in that dept)
Even put a chip in the players boots so you can tell if they are offside or not.
the 4th official can do his checks instantly.
Another idea would be to give each manager the option of reviewing 2 or 3 big calls
in a game, be it penalty desicions (for or against) or red card calls etc....

There are many ways we can improve the game, mainly technology based, so lets do it!!!

Blaming the refs is too easy, but the mistakes will never stop thats for sure.
Bring in technology asap.
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