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Giggs: "I Would Play For FC United of Manchester"

Sent to the FC United Forum from their Russian Branch, The Magazine came out
today in Russia.

Ryan Giggs, answering fans questions in a Russian publication.....


Interviewer: For which club, besides Manchester United, would you like to play

Giggs: “I can't imagine playing for another club. But so you don't accuse me of
avoiding the answer, I can name one club – ‘FC United of Manchester'. This club
is very close to me, as many of the supporters who formed it have supported me
throughout my career, before the American Glazer bought Man. United a couple
of years ago. They did not accept the change, as is their right. Eventually, their
devotion to the club and to the city led to the creation of their own “Manchester
Unitedâ€. My brother played there. If fate calls me to leave Man. United, I would
only play for this teamâ€

We have to wait and see what Fergie's response to ths will be........

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Brock said:
Can someone explain to me why people would want to form their own man utd? Just for the sake that the owner is American?!?!?!

He's just the one paying the bills :)
Try reading this thread, gives you a bit of an idea why.

As for "He's just the one paying the bills", you'll find it's exactly the opposit way round.

The Glazers pay for absolutely .....NOTHING.

carlyluvsunited said:
No this is 2 days ago apparently.....

Sal found this and sent it to me.......

Giggs actually says in the interview his brother 'played' for them :)

No, The interview was done in August.......The Magazine containing the interview was published, two days ago.

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Giggs has been the ultimate professional for his whole career and one of the most loyal players also.....

Anyway It would be unbelievable if he were to spend one or two seasons at FC United.......He would bring so much experience...and talent to your club and of course lots more publicity....

Magnificent fella Giggs......always wish him the best.....

There is video of him in google scoring from his own half, Ws an amazing goal
Incredible goal mate............Beckhamesque.......:)
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