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Ryan Giggs has revealed how fatherhood made him help children around the world in the fight against HIV and AIDS.

The Wales and Manchester United legend allowed a BBC Wales film crew to accompany him on a visit to South Africa as part of his role as an ambassador for UNICEF.

The result is a special report to be screened on Thursday by Sport Wales on BBC Two Wales and 2W.

It illuminates a side of the winger unknown to most football fans.

United's most decorated player spent a day at the UNICEF-backed Sonke Gender Justice project in Gugulethu township, near Cape Town.

There Giggs met young people and health workers as they tackled the attitudes and behaviours that can can lead to HIV infection.

Giggs, who has been working with the charity for eight years, said: "Last year in China, we were meeting young children who'd been born with HIV and AIDS and they're just so happy and they just get on with it and they are just so resilient.

"And it does have a massive effect on you when you see children who are a similar age to my little girl.

"That's what it's all about really, getting people in the public eye who can put across the message and speak to children first-hand, especially about the likes of HIV and AIDS and the prevention of it.

"The impact that you do have on them that maybe teachers and other people don't have, if teachers are talking to you then you switch off after five minutes.

"But if it's someone you watch on the TV or you've never met before or you never think you are going to meet, they listen to you."

Giggs, whose own family roots stretch back to Sierra Leone, admits the privileged life of leading footballers often shields them from environments where life is far tougher.

"As a footballer you get to do many great things like travel around the world.

"So, to actually come down to see the likes of these schools and the great work that they're doing, and meet the teachers and meet the kids and adults that are affected by HIV and AIDS, is fantastic.

"You would never get that chance in a normal job."

The visit enabled Giggs and his team-mate Chris Eagles to see for themselves the kind of work that has been funded by the Manchester United and UNICEF partnership, 'United for UNICEF', which has raised more than £2m to date and helped 1.5m children worldwide.

*Sport Wales is on Thursday, 25 September at 2200 BST on BBC Two Wales and 2W*

- Ryan Giggs really is a true legend. It's great to see players give money or time to good causes and it's a shame we don't see it more often.

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From what i read about and know..we have quite a few of our players who do much of these charity work on a frequent basis. Ole and Rio are also part of it right?

This is the only good part that the press rarely covers i guess cause im very sure there are lot more footballers who do charity like giggsy does. Still, such little gesture will bring a huge smile to someone face..Well done Giggsy!
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