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jd_united said:
Scary thought though, if you believe what you read in the papers United could be set to lose two living legends in 2009, Ryan Giggs and Sir Alex Ferguson :eek:
It will be very sad, but I wouldn't say scary ...

Time goes by, time waits for nobody.

They all have to go eventually - and we find
new 'heroes' to talk about.

But I think we owe Fergie the biggest thank-
you of all.

Forget the Glazers and Rock of Gibralter.

Forget his odd 'faux pas' and his sometimes
'over enthusiastic temper'.

Fergie's Empire !

Would be a very apt name for Old Trafford
in my opinion.

Sir Matt started the transition from 'football
team' to 'hero worshipped club'.

He did an unbelievable job of it too.

But when it went wrong, oh boy it went
wrong !!

From 1968 until Fergie arrived, nothing, not
even close to a title.

Sir Matt built his empire but it was a little
weak in places and it fell.

I think Fergie has built a fortress.

In his time with United he has put into place
everything possible to ensure the safety and
future of this club. He has left a legacy that
should, I repeat should, stand up to any test
of time. Only time again will tell ... but I am
hopeful and we should all say a big thankyou
to Fergie - after all ... he too will have 11 League titles - we hope !
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