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United's most decorated player Ryan Giggs believes those that don the club's red shirt have a duty to history to try and entertain.

The Old Trafford club's past is shaped by sides that played attractive football, with legendary manager Sir Matt Busby the man who first honed a desire to entertain the paying public.

And it is a mantra embraced by current boss Sir Alex Ferguson, whose own sides have always echoed those of United's past.

Speaking of the 23 people who perished in the Munich air disaster on 6th February, 1958, Giggs expressed a desire to keep their legacy alive.

"If you are representing Manchester United, you have to play in the right manner, excite supporters and wherever you go, get people off their seats," said Giggs.

"That has got to go on because that is one of the things that sets this club apart. You never stand still. It always goes forward.

"There's Juventus and Barcelona but Manchester United always seemed to have that much more support and seem that much more special.

"Of course, that is down to history and what Sir Matt did."

Giggs, along with a number of United players in their early years, were often compared to the Busby Babes.

David Beckham, Paul Scholes, Nicky Butt and the Nevilles, Gary and Phil, all progressed from the successful 1992 youth team to play their part in a trophy laden period for the club and Giggs acknowledges the link.

Giggs added: "There's a link because a group of players came through at the same time and all got into the first team at such a young age.

"The Busby Babes won the FA Youth Cup five times on the trot which in this day and age is unbelievable.

"But there are so many things that are relevant to us today. While our generation won it just once a number of players went on to play not only for United but for our countries as well."

Welsh winger Giggs came through the ranks at Old Trafford and has always been aware of what went before him, ever since Sir Matt Busby and Sir Bobby Charlton used to watch him as a child.

Giggs added: "Sir Bobby saw me at The Cliff (United's old training ground) when I was 14. He also watched David Beckham and Paul Scholes.

"When I played in a tournament in Switzerland, Sir Matt travelled out to watch it. You could see the love and affection for him.

"That has an effect on you because these are great people.

"They are legends who don't have to do that sort of thing but they enjoy it.

"They want to do it and that's been ingrained in them from a young age, probably since Sir Bobby was 14.

"Fans also want to see young players coming through and do well which we do on a regular basis at this club."

I was reading this in the Manchester Evening News today :)

Very true, I love United for the attacking football I get to see every week. I feel sorry for Chelsea fans, fair enough they won the league twice but they must have been bored to death!
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