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Giggsy Appreciation Thread

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I've noticed that some people on this site have been slightly unkind to Giggs lately so, to put things right, thought I would try to redress the balance.

Yes he is getting old, but he's hardly Laurent Blanc.

Ode To Giggsy

Ryan Giggs you are so old, you played with Brian McClair, but we love your dazzling skills and your continental flair.
Your mazy runs are mesmeric, and the Arse can vouch for that. You blast on fools live Liverpool, 9 Prem titles cant be matched.

We know there will come a day, when you hand up your boots, but we know your the type of geezer who will not forget his roots.

Please join Ole, in coaching our young babes, show them how it should be done, they are prime for you to raise.

Giggsy your a legend, you should have been born in Brazil, you would have won the world cup, but you are a legend still.
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