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Giles and Dunphy were a disgrace

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John Giles and Eamonn Dunphy were disgrace after the game last night. They are great to watch and are always controversial but they got under my skin last night.

Instead of analysing the game(their job) once again they went on a rant about how Ronaldo doesn't compare to great players like Messi, Rooney and Scholes. They slammed his attitude saying great players don't behave like he did(diving and throwing his arms everywhere. They said that Messi was far better than Ronaldo also.

However, they were at home and I'd like to see Messi play up front on his own and see how he does. They just have to criticise him all the time, while he's having the season of his life. They were bitter last night.
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he wasnt shocking at all ! yes he missed a pen but at least he was heard of ! where was rooney all match? yet i hear no one slating him whatsoever. i agree he needs to improve on his attitude to the match and stop sulking but to call him not a great player from one game, one game at the Nou Camp infront of 98,000 people in a semi final tie, is ridiculous.
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