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Keano! said:
I actually like Gill, he's honest and gives a decent number of interviews.....just be
thankfull we ain't got Rick Parry! :p lol
I've got to agree tbh.

I don't know the ins and outs but he seems to be doing a good job for us, and hes probably the best out of the top 4 (I don't really know many more :p)

But I actually think what Tom Hicks said about Rick Parry was true. People seem to criticise Hicks, especially the Scousers, but he actually seems to be not so bad I honestly think.

Anyway, as for David Gill, I think it would be best if he didn't take the position and stay here (not sure if he would have to leave to take up the role) Though if he leaves, I guess we can't really comment on successor's. :p
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