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Glazers And Munich

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I've noticed in the build up to the Munich 50 years anniversary - and during the
day itself a rather conspicuous absence.

The Glazers !

Not one word from them - not once have they showed up to get into the limelight.

They seem to have had no direction toward the events of the day.

But they paid for it all.

Like it or not they own United and it's their cash that provided the days events.

(No I'm really not interested in discussing money and all that crap here
either ... :rolleyes: )

I have heard on the grape vine they may turn up at Old Trafford on Sunday - for
the City game. They may even be on the pitch as the one minute silence is

Is this a good or a bad thing ... ?

If they don't show up they will be called disrespectful ...

If they do show up they will be chastised for being somewhere they have no right
to be ... :confused:

So what should they do ... ?
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I think by not coming out an saying alot they are wise i think what ever they choose to do will be wrong in many peoples eyes, i think it would be nice for them to be there on sunday to show they understand the history of the club just not on the pitch.
Im sure they are fully aware of the clubs history. Thats why they have kept a low profile about the Munich tribute. They are in a lose-lose situation but if they interfear too much they would lose a even bigger so for a change they do one sensible hide.
My wife noted that. I said they are probably letting the football do the talking.
Very good decision by the Glazers to stay out imo. It really has nothing to do with them except for the business.
Justice said:
Very good decision by the Glazers to stay out imo. It really has nothing to do with them except for the business.

Yeah,...very true... i guess they rather stay out because they know that as it stands, they're not liked. LMAO
I'd rather them be quiet than be like Gillet and Hicks. Imagine if they started talking and saying things about Munich. I'm fine with their decision to stay quiet at this point.
The Glazers have rarely appeared at Old Trafford and I can't remember them making a statement to the press.

It would almost be conspicuous if they turn up on Sunday or had released a statement to the press!!!
The Glazers are always a sensitive issue, personally..i like the way they are now..atleast they make me forget at time we do have an owner :p

Not being there doesnt mean they are less passionate towards the club than us or they didnt care. For all we might not know, it is something they purposely did knowing how much they were hated, i wouldnt want to be caught in the limelight too often too if i were them. I prefer them this way than touch too much about the team.

and oh here's a picture of them attending old trafford on the memorial day but dont quote me as i dont know if they attend the memorial itself or not :p

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From someone i know, not someone who would lie or make things up.

My dad and i saw them. They were at the indoor service, knowing full well that no one would kick off and spoil the day. I reckon they turned up so that after no hassle, they can claim that everyone has now accepted them blah blah blah.

**** the glaziers the money grabbing bastards.....
conor myles said:
**** the glaziers the money grabbing bastards.....
right on mate!
kesaldo said:
they should show up
yeah...they should show up....but thats all they should do... show up and shut up! nothing more
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