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Robbie the Robber said:
i think he was a silly boy who listened to his agent when he should have listened to Fergie or better still kept his head down and played his way back into team
get real!

so his agent told him he had to leave old trafford?

his agent told him to tell utd he wanted to join liverpool?

his agent also told him to take utd to court and force a move to liverpool?

you not see the fcuking sly grin on his face coming out of that hearing?

bullshit this is all his own doing- dont forget he hires the agent not the other way around

also fergie had to travel down to london aswell to the hearing missing vital preparation for our up coming match

the simple fact of the matter is he did'nt want to fight for his place-wtf does he expect playing for the biggest club in the world where everyone has to fight for there place

and just for the record this is not the end of the matter he his appealing the ruling by the FA and the FA say they have the power to let him move 9 days after the transfer window closes

heinze has no future at OT what so ever the only reason fergie said he had a future is so we can get decent price for him if everyone knows fergie wants rid they will come in with very low offers
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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