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Goal of the Season

  • Scholes vs Pompey

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  • Tevez vs Chelsea

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  • Ronaldo vs Kiev

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  • Tevez vs Villa

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I now made a vote
for the Ronaldo free
kick against Portsmouth ...
Pompey :confused:

Why would I do that ... :confused:

Because no matter how
many times I watch this
free kick - I just can't for
the life of me work out
how he made the ball
do what it did ... :eek:

Neither could half the
Portsmouth team - or
their goalkeeper for
that matter.....he is
still one of the best
keepers in the Premier
League - but he didn't
even have a split second
to react !!!

Because ...

This was a special goal ...

... from a 'special' player ... ;)
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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