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Which effort was the goal of the week?

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There were several bore draws this weekend, so it's slim pickings really.

Amr Zaki continued his rich vein of form including a beautiful scissors kick goal against the bin dippers.

Other beauties include Rooneys goal against WBA, but my vote goes to Juliani Baletti's belter against Boro. An absolute pile-driver.

I'll create a poll after tomorrow's Newcastle - Man ****ty game.

Let me know, if I didn't list a goal you think should be a candidate.

The results:

The contenders:

Zaki vs Liverpool (2-1) - Nice scissors kick / semi bicycle kick into the corner.

Rooney vs WBA (1-0) - Pace, composure, power and precision from the ROOster

Nani vs WBA (4-0) - Nobody turns defense into offense like the Red Devils. Giggs>Berbatov>Rooney>Nani>Goal>Flip - NICE!

Baletti vs Boro (2-0)
- An absolute pile-driver, rocket, scream, scorcher. Brilliant technique, because he hits the ball without a run-up.

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Got to be between Belletti and Zaki.

But saying that, its gotta be Zakis. Its a no-contest :p

scottsati said:
zaki all the way...stevie bruce must be jumping for joy and crapping himself in equal measure after nabbing this guy.....he'll keep wigan up but he aint gonna be there for long-sorry brucie
Yeah. He must be worried.

He did say they had an agreement to sign him. But if his Egyptian club receive a bigger offer, they're not exactly going to let him go to Wigan. I bet Steve Bruce now wishes he had signed him from the start. At least then, if they lost him, they'd get a fee for him, and I big fee at that.

But saying he might keep them up I have to disagree with. I don't think there was any doubt that they'd stay up this season, and quite comfortably at that.
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