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First we would like to say a very big
thank you to Futbol for setting up last
seasons league and for the work he
has put in every week.

He started with a small idea and it turned
out to be very popular with a lot of members.

So from me Futbol.....Great work and Thank You.

Sadly Futbol has informed me that due to his
schoolwork, education and exams etc that he
will not have the time to continue his great work
for the up coming season.

So i'm asking members if they wish the Goal
Scorers League to carry on next season or not.

If there is any member interested in taking on
the role of running the league could you post
your interest in this thread or PM Futbol about it.


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Aww no!

Futbol.....:(.........sorry you can't run it next year. It was well set up and for
starting late on in the season it was brilliant!

As the above have said, well done mate! ;)

Unfortunatly, I'm not going to offer myself to run it because I've the Predictions
League to do, but I'd love it to continue!

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i have an idea? why not combine goalscorer's league and predictions league together?

this way, we can predict for the same game. we can have a different points table, or a combined one. im sure keano can work out that.

personally, i would love to see it combined.

anyway, a big THANKS to you futbol! :D

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Well done from me too fut ...

After week one of your game
I was 25th, LMAO ... :eek:

But after a lot of skillfull
predictions ... got back to 4th ...
missed the cash by one place
DAMMIT !!! :mad:

Thanks again for brightening
this place with a good idea
and your hard work.

I hope the new incumbents
do as well , I'm sure they
will, even though one of
them is a Sunderland fan ... ;)

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sorry for any confusion caused during the euro goalscorers league, i take all the blame, i just couldnt find time with only 2 days between the rounds, then the hack threw me even further.

the seasons versin will be much more structured and easier to run. good luck to all participants
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