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.: How it Works:.
1. You select five players from the five selected games that you think will score.
2. You must assign a captains bracket to one of these players
3. For every one of your selected players that scores, you get one point. if your captain scores, you get two.
4. If everyone of your selected players scores at least once, you get a bonus point.
5. If you edit your post without getting permission from me or lucky7 beforehand, you will be disquailified from the round(to prevent any accusations of cheating)
6. All entries must be in at least one hour before the first selected game kicks off

.: format for post :.

[ player 1],[player 2], [player 3], [player 4], [player 5]

then give the desired captain a [c]

.:The Games:.
Blackburn V Hull City
Liverpool V Middlesbrough
Fulham V Arsenal
Wigan V Chelsea
Man City V West Ham

if i have missed anything, or you have a question dont hesitate to ask
1 - 20 of 29 Posts