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RedForceRising said:
He's one of my fave players along with Evra at the moment.

Vidic is no nonsense, tough, competitive, combative humble, focused ....

it's tough not to rate him and what he brings to the team. I would like to think his arrival has had something to do with Rio finally living up to his potential and Vidic deserves credit for that too.
Yeh you can't run a good defence with one defender carrying the other, those two together is insane and having evra back there with them too helps, also impress me any more could you? Man utd's defence right now is awesome and can only see it getting stronger in the immediate future. I also like that you never see Vidic whining or for that matter...speaking, Like Scholes.

Edit: by that i mean unneccessary complaining on the pitch or to the media, he still shouts instructions and orders on the pitch but thats a good thing obviously.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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