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It would be a waste to leave this kid go, but an even bigger waste having a potential world class center half on the bench every week.
Why would he 'rot' on the bench?
and whats wrong with having 'potential world class center half on the bench every week'?
We need top players throughout the squad.

Evans will get games as he has shown this season. Not sure on the stats but I think he has played 25 games, which is a lot and he will surely feature in coming weeks. He has come in for Rio and Vidic when asked and always performed excellently. United are battling in so many cups that of course he will get a lot of games in a season. Evans is teh future of the club and he will stick arouond being a squad player and eventually a first choice centre back. Fergie wont let him leave as shown last summer, and Evans would be insane to leave.

We already have an Evans thread btw ;) in case you want to have a look>
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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