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Found this on another forum, thought it might amuse some on here.

Web surfers in Birmingham are more likely to search for pornography than any other city in the world, it has been claimed.

Google Trends analyses the type of searches made from different cities around the globe.

It showed the volume of searches on the word "porn" on the entire web gradually increased since the beginning of 2004.

Manchester was ranked second in the list, followed by Aussie cities Brisbane, Perth, Sydney, and Melbourne. ( glad i live in Salford :D ).

The UK's Brentford came in seventh.

Google Trends works by sampling all searches matching a single word and determining the cities from which it received the most hits.

From those top cities the ratio of searches is calculated by dividing it by the total Google searches coming from the same city.

Google uses IP address information to make a "best guess" about where the queries originated.

Using this come up with some very funny results.
Be carefull what you type in and post on here.
Remember people of all ages read these forums.

The trends for people who search for 'Hairy Women '

1. Milton Keynes United Kingdom

2. Edinburgh United Kingdom

3. Brentford United Kingdom

4. Bletchley United Kingdom

5. Birmingham United Kingdom

6. Delhi India

7. Manchester United Kingdom

8. Atlanta United States

9. Houston United States

10. Seattle United States


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lol thats quality

Chavs: :D
1. Winchester, United Kingdom

2. Lancaster, United Kingdom

3. Middlesbrough, United Kingdom

4. Hull, United Kingdom

5. Southampton, United Kingdom

6. Nottingham, United Kingdom

7. Brighton, United Kingdom

8. Portsmouth, United Kingdom

9. Leeds, United Kingdom

10. Luton, United Kingdom

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lmao, I read this on FF too SAL ;) Pity I couldn't join in the fun :( :eek:

In Ireland, the town I live in was the area with the most internet searches for porn per person in the country a while back :D

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It's obvious the big cities are going to generally come higher in the list because there are more people..

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Kind of funny...

Manchester United

1. Manchester, United Kingdom
2. Dublin, Ireland
3. Sheffield, United Kingdom
4. Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
5. Watford, United Kingdom
6. Birmingham, United Kingdom
7. Jakarta, Indonesia
8. Oslo, Norway
9. Poplar, United Kingdom
10. Edinburgh, United Kingdom

1. Blaby, United Kingdom
2. Sale, United Kingdom
3. St Helens, United Kingdom
4. Stockport, United Kingdom
5. Oldham, United Kingdom
6. Bolton, United Kingdom
7. Belfast, United Kingdom
8. Rochdale, United Kingdom
9. Manchester, United Kingdom
10. Portsmouth, United Kingdom
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