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-zuco- said:
City fans don't care. I've heard some of them say 'the glory days are coming back' :p

They seem to be under the impression that they deserve to be winning trophies, despite half filling their stadium for years and generally being scumbags who sing Munich songs. They couldn't sell their season tickets in the Summer, but as soon as they got took over they sold another few thousand in a week.

I went to watch them get battered by Forest in the cup a few weeks ago and all they did for 90 minutes was slag their own players off. They really are a bunch of horrible cnuts who deserve to be in financial ruin, not winning trophies.
Can you believe the bloody irony of those fans.

Man when the Glazers took over, I got sooo much stick from rival fans, it was not funny.

Especially on some sites at the time from Man city fans. They were ALL OVER the United fans. Cussings us out, calling the club soulless and what have you.

i really effing hurt man. I'm not going to go into the Glazers' ownership, but the behaviour of these Man City fans is just so ****ing hypocritical.

Look at them now. They're dressing up like sheiks carrying around computer-printed money and making a joke out of it.

Who are the soulless people now?

Who are the glory-hunters now. I remember watching on TV how man united fans protested against the take-over and wishe I was there.

When Frank bought the club, I didn't read about one single protest.

I didn't see one single protest on TV.

The gall of these ass kissers....
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