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Jazz 16 said:
Its funny you should ask actually. Ill be in Barcelona with the missus
living it up in some bar Id assume. Ill have my United jersey on and Ill
be watching both games sipping on some coctails, or perhaps some
San Miguel if it should take my fancy. Bit of tapas and some nice local
cuisine wouldnt go a miss either.
Then when those games are over Ill be putting on my Barca jersey over
my United jersey and heading to the Nou camp to watch Barca vs Valaldolid
that evening to catch a glimpse of Henry, Eto'o, Xavi, Ronaldihno and co.....
Unless your actually going to Old Trafford I challenge anyone to better that ;-)
Now THATS how to gland slam a Sunday.
Wow...what a boring day that's gonna be
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