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Avram Grant feels it was 'wrong' of Alan Curbishley to suggest he wanted Manchester United to win the title, but insists he does not doubt the West Ham United manager's integrity.

In a recent newspaper column, Curbishley said it would be a 'great injustice' if United did not retain the Premier League crown this season.

West Ham head to Old Trafford on Saturday, live on Sky Sports 1 and HD1, in a game which could see the Red Devils open up a three-point gap over Chelsea before their title rivals play Newcastle on Monday.

Chelsea boss Grant believes it was unwise of Curbishley to comment on who he would prefer to win the title, but does not expect the Hammers to roll over.

I'm not doubting the integrity of West Ham and there is no reason to doubt the integrity of Alan Curbishley," Grant told Sky Sports News.

"But I think it's wrong to say things like this because he's involved in the games against United and West Ham won against them the last three games.

"I don't think it's a good idea to say things like this.

"I cannot be angry. I don't know what to say about this. I think it's wrong, but I don't have any reason to doubt the integrity of him or his club.

"I have heard so many rumours in the last two weeks. I heard the referees will be with United, I heard the managers will be like this, I heard this manager played for them and this manager is a friend of Ferguson.

"I know my head is full of rumours, but I have decided to concentrate on what we need to do and to trust the integrity of others."

When asked whether he thought other Premier League managers would prefer United to pip Chelsea to the title, Grant admitted he does not believe it is a major issue.

He added: "I don't feel like this. When I meet them after the game or before the game, I think they are more interested in the success of their club.

"I think West Ham is more interested in the success of their club to win games. If they have some other wishes, we will need to ask them."

copy and paste from sky sports

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Well of course the boss of West Ham wants Man United to win the title!!!

If he said he wanted their arch rivals, Chelsea, to win the title the Hammers' fans would lynch him!!!!!

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i think he was just showing his admiration for sir alex, and is hoping alex wins the champions league again because he deserves it.
he shouldnt be questioning curbs integrity because west ham have far superior record against us over the last few games, anyway why should he justify who he wants to win , carragher come out and backed chelsea
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