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There ARE NO easy opponents in the tournament - that's no phrase, it's a fact ! I think that Portugal are a second team that will qualify from the group A . With Switzerland's place in the quarters guaranteed of course ... In every tournament hosts have managed to get to the next stage and Switzerland will too. Portugal are one of the main contenders for the title along with Italy and Germany imo.
Group B - As a Croat I won't comment our chances, but I will say that I was quite surprised to see Bierhoff calling us as one of the "silent favourites" to win it.And he told that to EUROSPORT, not to our newspapers. I find it hard to believe it when knowing that we always underperform at the tournaments due to lack of strenght. And Bilic has already spotted that problem and I'm sure he will prepare us adequatily with consulting the only coach that has managed to do it so far ( Miroslav Blazevic - did it twice ).Germany are Germany - It would be a MAJOR SURPRISE to see them out - but then again that had been told about England before the qualifiers started. Austria - based on quality I dare to say they are the weakest team on the tournament . BUT, tradition is on their side , ref's will be too, plus the fans. But somehow I doubt the tradition will help them this time . Poland - what to say about the team which finished top of the strongest group in the qualifiers ( because when you have places like Serbia,Belgium,Portugal and Finland to go to, then certainly it must be regarded as the strongest ). They are the first timers but that will be their motive. Group C - ungreatfull to predict anything. "Whatever it be , will be... ". Dutch don't have the unity and mental nor tactical strenght to go through imo. When I say tactical, I mean on their unexperienced coach who did nothing to convice me he's taken a step forward from the WC.Group D - the excact same group was at the last EC. Only Sweden instead of Portugal in it this time. Spain will want to avenge their defeat from the last time against greece . Anyway - Sweden and Spain will go through IMO. By that order. Russia - for now - a complete outsiders, but then again by the time tournament starts Guus will have spend 2 years with them , and that's enough time to impose your autorithy

Those are my views...yours ?

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Skele said:
I agree with you at most things.But you are wrong about Portugal.They are so,so weak,and I am sure that they will not play an important role on the competition.
They were play only 1:1 against Serbian in both matches.Serbia wich has never been weaker with 8 new players from U21 squad.

Also,you can not even imagine how I am impressed with Croatia team.I am sure that Oliver Birhoff was right saying that.You realy can be favorite from the shadow,not only cos match in England,it's because you'v played great football during whole qualifications.Im not saying that Im happy for that,but you showed us how players must play for national team.Every single croat player was able to die on the pitch,and serbia miss it.
wow...thanks mate !
as for Portugal - well France lost 2 to Scots, so ? Portugal are class ! Especially because Ronaldo is in a form of his life !

Grif SA said:
Well, Portugal does have Ronaldo, Nani, and Quaresma. Do you really want to bet against them? :confused:
LOL that Quaresma is the most overrated player in the world... Just kidding...well, half a kidding really. He was crap against Liverpool ! Their worst player. By far ! So silky ! Like Bambi ! Skilfull, but not a great player when matters

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Keano4taoiseach said:
He is like so many others who are overrated.............I have never considered him world someone started him in their world 11.....lmao....

He is skilfull and pacy but the consistency is not there and he is no better than Ronaldo or Nani......imho....
he is at the moment more experienced thus a bit better than Nani, but he can't be mentioned with Ronaldo in the same breath. It is an insult. :p .. Anyway I once heard a guy from portugal saying how he wouldn't want him in UTD for he's never had such a brilliant relations with ronaldo - being a competition to eachother and all... While Ronaldo is a winner, Quaresma is a chocker and hasn't got mental strenght. that's what he said
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