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Whats fairer/better for the Members Online Guessing competition?

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How do you members think these (HERE) should be done?

Do you think its fairer/better to have them done via people PMing me thier guesss, or just as it's done at the moment?

Carly made a good point about why we should consider the PM method.
If Member A were to guess 120. Then 2 other members guess 119 and 121. Its not really fair as for Member A to win, its got to be exact (although this is the point lol but still...)

So vote for your preferred method. Private (so by PM) or Public (by posting in that thread).

The competition running at the moment, will just be done as the last two has(public). As some members have already posted thier guess :)

If you have any suggestions post them here :)

(dont think iv explained this very well lol :rolleyes:)

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Carly's point is valid, however......

I'm guessing there is a few thousand members registered hear (I know they don't all come online!!)

But, how do we know how many members are going to be online of a day, No one knows yet because no one has done a survey or any research on this.

There could be 200 members online of a day or 90 easily.

I'm just looking at this objectively.

e.g. The exact same thing could also happen in 'Keanos' predictions thread, remember ;)
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