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Just noticed on ManutdTalk's calendar that it's John O'Shea's 27th birthday!

Now any player, deep down, would like to start every game possible for his team. A prolonged time warming the bench would only fan the flames of discontent. However, some players recognise their role in the team. In fact, much of the team’s success is down to these players; the only thing is that their importance goes unnoticed because of the kind of job they are expected to do for the team. His name is John O'Shea.

The joy he gets for just wearing the red shirt is something a manager would want from his players. He is a manager’s player — someone who would play in any position if his manager tells him to and without any misgivings. O’Shea enjoys it, and it’s worth remembering his role in our team especially with the kind of injury situation we are faced with at times.

And that’s why we love O’Shea; despite the moments of madness, despite being, well… average. He would never set the world on fire by going on mazy runs. He would never boss a midfield like Scholes. But he would play to his limits when we need him the most. And he would enjoy it every bit, thanking everything in the world that he has the chance to wear the Red shirt.

Kudos' to our Utiliy Man who always shows such instance of selflessness seen in a player for the team’s cause. Happy 27th Birthday Sheasy!

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happy birthday big john thanks you allot for what you do for us every single game
you are the best RB in our teams
and john dont listen to the idiot named fergie who keeps using stupid brown instead of you you are the best you are god you are a true red devil
happy birthday you big fan a.b.o

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Jazz 16 said:
Unfortunately this is the last time Im going to be able to say
'Great post Rd4' :(
Well written......

Happy Bday Jonner btw.
Why the hell has he got a permanent ban?


Can't you admin lot just filter out swear words, I know this is possible because I used to own my own forum. Then, when any member swears by saying eff you see kay, or the like, it will just come up like ****.

Saves all the hassle of banning orders to good members.

If they find a way around the filtering (like including accents = e - é), then do something about them then.
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