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Mr Manucho has just sent me email saying he has read all your birthday greetings
but as he is not a member of our forum he cannot post his thanks to you all.
:D :D

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Keano4taoiseach said:
1.He might not be at the club.

2.He might have an awful season like so many before.

3.He might be another Dong :p
1. He will, trust me! Fergie has faith in him & he wouldn't have if he tried so hard to get him an official work permit as quick as possible.

2. I don't know why but my intuition tells me that he won't be another Liam Miller, Djemba x2 or Kleberson! Deffo' not!

3. Dong used to sells shirts....:p


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Manucho won't turn out to be anything like those players. Everyone saw how good he was at the ACON. He was in the ACON dream team ahead of players like Eto'o and Drogba.
He'll do just fine, and even in the unlikelyhood he does fail, it isn't like we spent a huge amount of money on him.
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