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Happy Birthday Wayne !

Wayne Rooney, Wayne Rooney, he goes by the name of Wayne Rooney!

The first I heard Rooney was at Goodison Park, Clive Tyldsley shouted: "Remember the name, Wayne Rooney." Moments earlier, the 16-year-old had hammered a 30-yard injury-time winner against champions Arsenal.

As My Friend said "he's making me so happy. I'm enjoying the recent united matches to the fullest."

He has done so much for United and we are all so much grateful to him. At times he has played as a team player , running around and even playing in wide. He was instrumental in our Double Win Last Year.Rooney is invaluable. He'll always be the first name on the teamsheet for me.

Old Trafford enjoys your Close control, ball retention.,short passing.chances you create for the team, The space you make, and your dribbling. Hope you move on to greater things and continue in the Rich vein of Form

He's now he running at defences more and causing problems with his tenacity, power, pace and work ethic, if he loses a ball in the box he's chasing it down and putting pressure on the defenders.

Happy Birthday Wayne Rooney ! Hope you smack the 100th club at Everton where it all started. Wishing you the best.

fut ! :)

P.S : I will be releasing a lot of Rooney videos and pic today. Check the video forum.

I was going to merge this thread with this one.

Since they are almost the same ( but different ;) )

I look forward to seeing your videos Futbol, you always post
some quality stuff for the members on here ( even if you don't get many
saying so ) and it's well appreciated by everyone.

One of the few times i'll wish anything happy to a scouser but
i'll make an exception in Waynes case :D

Hippy bathday Mr Rooney and stick a couple in against Everton
to give us all something to celebrate with you.

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