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If the romans had sky tv

No 3 o'clock crucifixion tomorrow for the messiah.....good heavens no...the crucifixion would be moved to 8 o'clock monday....or postponed till the end of the season and held in saudi arabia.

Who should Pilate let off and who should he crucify?

Text 07880 JESUS to save Jesus
Text 07880 BARABBAS to save Barabbas

Texts cost 40p. ( of which 1p goes to feed the slaves foundation ).

Good Friday, Super Sunday...they were half way there already.

Jesus would have been yellow carded on Sunday.

For simulation dying.

If he got suspended for it then it wouldn't really be a bad thing, as he wasn't really good on crosses anyway.

Crucifixion sponsored by Unibond No-Nails.
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