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Wayne Rooney Thread

this thread is for the news about Wayne Rooney
there i allot of news and allot of people are talking to the pres about rooney
se here is a thread to post all news about Rooney :)

The Great Owen Hargreaves Knows That Wayne ****s On Ronaldo
Rooney The Best Ronaldo The Worst

Owen Hargreaves has tipped Wayne Rooney to show his true talent this season.

Rooney's form has been slightly disappointing over the last couple of seasons even though he collected two Premier League titles and a Champions League winners' medal.

Sir Alex Ferguson has admitted he shares some of the responsibility for playing Rooney out of position at times as he tries to make the most of his energetic nature.

But Hargreaves has no doubt the England striker will silence his critics this term.

"This will be a massive season for Wayne Rooney," said Hargreaves.

"Ability-wise I believe he is the best in England and I am confident he will be one of the most influential in the Premier League this year.

"I am really looking forward to seeing him explode because it is rare to come across someone with so much talent who is so unselfish."

It is Rooney's unselfish nature that has caused some of his problems. A willingness to sacrifice himself for the team has seen the 22-year-old carry out duties far removed from a striker's role. It is something Fabio Capello was quick to spot and Hargreaves can see the problem as well.

"Technically, he is out of this world but maybe he could look out for himself a little bit more," said the midfielder.

"When we played Aston Villa in the FA Cup last season, he was only on the field for 20 minutes and he won the game.

"Not many players can do that and it is no coincidence we were so successful last year with Wayne and Carlos Tevez working so hard up front.

"Without doubt, he is still improving. He can do more this season, score more goals and be more effective.

"It is a natural process that just takes a bit of time."

After being ruled out of United's tour of South Africa and Nigeria because of a tendinitis problem that first became apparent 12 months ago, Hargreaves is hoping to be fit for the high-profile friendlies with Espanyol and Juventus next week.

The arrival of Juve on August 6 will be particularly significant given it will be the Italians' first visit to Old Trafford since the match-fixing scandal that enveloped them two years ago.

And, as potential Champions League opposition, Hargreaves is keen to see Claudio Ranieri's side in action as United plot the defence of their trophy.

"I don't think anyone has retained the Champions League, so that is obviously a massive goal for us," said the former Bayern Munich man.

"If we could improve on last season I would be extremely happy but it is going to be tough."

Tough but not impossible in Hargreaves' opinion.

United may not have added to their squad yet but the Calgary-born star would be surprised if Sir Alex Ferguson left the situation that way.

And even with Anderson away with Brazil on Olympic duty and Cristiano Ronaldo recovering from ankle surgery that will leave him on the sidelines until October, the Red Devils already have plenty of ammunition to call upon.

"We can get better," Hargreaves said.

"The most important thing is to peak at the right moments.

"It won't be easy because Barcelona have signed the right players, Real Madrid have strengthened and Chelsea have improved massively.

"But if we can get to the quarter-finals, I don't think we will be too far away at all."

so *** slave we dont need you we have Wayne Mark Rooney

Premier League - Parker hopes Rooney fights flab



Wayne Rooney has come under fire for his rather portly appearance following a summer spent away from the gym, but former Manchester United ace Paul Parker believes judgement should be reserved until the season starts proper.

"We've all seen the photos of Wayne Rooney in the newspapers, squeezed into his United shirt for the friendly up in Aberdeen, along with all the usual 'fat' puns in the headlines and comparisons with other generously proportioned footballers.

Poor Wayne. He's the type of person who is liable to put weight on without too much effort. His body shape will not allow him to do as he pleases and he's one of those players who simply cannot afford to let himself go.

But that is what he has done this summer - he has been pictured smoking ****, eating fast food and drinking pints of lager. Make no mistake, he's enjoyed himself during the off season, but now he has to show a willingness to work hard in training if he is to get himself back into shape before the big kick-off.

He's not alone in having more to do than most in pre-season training. Eric Cantona was a big lad and used to put on weight over the summer, although probably not through drinking too much lager.

But Eric came back in July and worked incredibly hard to get back into shape, so when the season started he was once again at his peak.

That's exactly what Wayne has to do. Forget about how he looked against Aberdeen - something has been made out of that purely because there were television cameras at Pittodrie - his deadline is August 17. And only then will we be able to judge him.

How he looks when he runs out of the Old Trafford tunnel to face Newcastle will tell us a great deal about how much pride he has in himself.

And if he's in good shape, then all the flak he has taken can be shoved right back down the throats of his critics.

But perhaps the most worrying aspect of Rooney's weight gain has been the speed with which he has put it on. The off-season is getting shorter and shorter every year, and this time round he's had barely two months to lose his shape.

Yet he's managed it, with a worrying degree of ease. He must have worked hard at his eating and drinking.

Old pros used to tell me to enjoy the summer and take a complete break from football and the health regime that comes with it, but the body needs to be worked every couple of days.

It's easy to say now, but if I had my time again, I'd work on my fitness more over the summer, if only to make the return to training that little bit easier.

The first session back is a moment every footballer dreads. No matter how prepared you are, that first day can make you physically sick.

We used to get sent out on long runs and sometimes never saw a ball for two weeks as the coaches concentrated solely on our fitness levels.

Of course nowadays they do a lot more ball work but still, there can be few players out there who actually look forward to the prospect of pre-season training.

Certainly, it would not surprise me if Wayne Rooney was slightly apprehensive on his own return."
Paul Parker was talking to Mike Hytner / Eurosport
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