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Jazz 16 said:
Scholes didnt play the last half of the 06/07 season.
O'Shea/Giggs played a fair bit in the middle and Carrick when he wasnt injured.
It WAS 06/07 season, when we won the league back.

I'm pretty sure it was the 05/06 season. Remember he was out for the second part of the season and came on as sub with Ole in the last game vs Charlton.

If you rremember he was fine in the last half of the 06/07 season. Remember the flick to Rooney vs Milan? Or getting sent off vs Roma and Liverpool?

In 05/06 we played Giggs - O'Shea at CM and had a great string of results until we got thumped by Chelsea if you remember.

We played the Scholes-Carrick-Fletcher partnership in the big games. Giggs was a winger usually and then towards the end of the season he played CF up until Smith came back.
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