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Has Ronaldo's Nose........

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..................been put out of joint by all the Rooney/Tevez hype ?

I noticed on MOTD Ronaldo's body Language seemed a little ''Off'' during the celebration of the goals.............

................he seemed less than enthusiastic.

Or was it just my imagination ?

He seemed fairly sad as he wasn't the centre of attention, and neither did he score of course, and he was playing much deeper....whats wrong with him ?
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I think that this is all nonsence! Why is he jealous??? United are playing brillanty at the moment and Ronaldo is getting his fair share of the goals this season so far and he is playing brillanty. I think that he is happy if United are winning not getting jealous of Rooney and Tevez and what is this about body lanuage?? Sweet child o mine how can you say taht a person is jealous because he wasnt over the top with his celebration! I think it is your imagination personaly Carly!

Totally agree with David there!
Keano's fan said:
Ronaldo is rubbish.

Sell him.
WTF are smoking, Agree with AG thats bollocks!
danfelixbuffy said:
Jesus, he was being sarcastic!
Duhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh No shit Sherlock!! :eek:
1 - 3 of 74 Posts
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