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Has Ronaldo's Nose........

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..................been put out of joint by all the Rooney/Tevez hype ?

I noticed on MOTD Ronaldo's body Language seemed a little ''Off'' during the celebration of the goals.............

................he seemed less than enthusiastic.

Or was it just my imagination ?

He seemed fairly sad as he wasn't the centre of attention, and neither did he score of course, and he was playing much deeper....whats wrong with him ?
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David.Q said:
My post count clearly reflects the quality of the threads started, you've started 400 threads in less than 5 months. You have come in here like some sort of fuehrer thinking that you own the place, I'm sure there's some of your 400 threads that are actually decent but the majority is absolute bollocks. When have die hard football fans got psycho analytical over player's behaviors during a match. I know several people who have stopped visiting this site because of the drivel that you post on a daily basis; I honestly think nobody gives a damn about what Ronaldo behaves like off the ball. You approach this place with a communist attitude that all who oppose you are wrong, I couldn't tell you how many posts that have been deleted because they don't agree with your silly non related crap. I remember when I signed up on here there was some great discussion, now it's just filled with crap. I don't have a vendetta against you but you should honestly think before you post such utter shite.

I wouldn't call this bollocks, actually quiet interesting. I remember a few years back about Stan Collymore getting the same psycho analytical treatment, they(pundits) noticed he didn't celebrate with his team mates when they scored. All the rest did but not him, he just walked away! Fascinating if you are into behavioral psychology!
Just, you David Q are not one of these people into that! Don't like it, don't read it!
carlyluvsunited said:
Thankyou AG - I have a habit of looking closely at this kind of thing, lol.

But I dont think I better mention it here again :(

If you ask me it is a perfectly good observation, I don't get what all the fuss is!
Behavioral psychology is interesting, helps you understand people better!
rydersonthestorm said:
I think it's far to early to judge if ronaldo is not happy playing second fiddle to rooney and tevez, he seemed happy enough when nani scored. I think to judge something like this you would have to look at a number of games to make an accurate judgement.

Who says its football, maybe a personal problem!
carlyluvsunited said:
I know this - I just made some observations and made a suggestion and got my head ripped off, lol.

I don't see why, not bollocks - some are just not interested in the subject!

SolskjaertheLegend said:
Football should be just kicking a ball about a field trying to win

not analysising(sp?) every reaction and movement of the players IMO

So too me anyway, What Ronaldo did/didnt do in the game doesnt bother long as its not messing up the team in anyway (which this wasnt)
Another one!
Let me tell - anyone that are having a go at Carly. That Guus Hiddink - one of his secrets of getting the best out of players is the use of Psychology. Hiddink was a child psychologist before going into football management, this has helped him understand players better and get the best out of them and keep spirits high!
Whatever is wrong with one player can affect a whole teams preformance - the use of psychology can play an important role in the prevention of that as a manager! So no, its not all about just kicking a ball and trying to win!
Keano's fan said:
Ronaldo is rubbish.

Sell him.

Now that is bollocks!
carlyluvsunited said:

Again in this game.......


Sure........he did score a tap in which is ok.

But how many exciting runs getting around players and making the crowd stand
up and clap ?


Maybe 1 or 2 half hearted attempts.

I didn't even realise he was playing until maybe 23 minutes when the
commentator mentioned his name in passing !!

Of all the players that could have a bad patch this is the guy I dont like to see like this !

Hurry back soon Ronnie we'll miss you.

Ronaldo's preformance has proved that your observation was not bollocks but a good one.
You nailed it Carly!
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