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Has Ronaldo's Nose........

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..................been put out of joint by all the Rooney/Tevez hype ?

I noticed on MOTD Ronaldo's body Language seemed a little ''Off'' during the celebration of the goals.............

................he seemed less than enthusiastic.

Or was it just my imagination ?

He seemed fairly sad as he wasn't the centre of attention, and neither did he score of course, and he was playing much deeper....whats wrong with him ?
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I think your abit cheeky david q, if you don't like what she posts thats fair enough but you don't need to be rude.
I think it's far to early to judge if ronaldo is not happy playing second fiddle to rooney and tevez, he seemed happy enough when nani scored. I think to judge something like this you would have to look at a number of games to make an accurate judgement.
He isn't playing as well as last year but i think your making far to much out of this, you are also downplaying the speed and skill of the arsenal back line who concentrated more on keeping ronaldo out of the game than any other united player.
It is obvious ronaldo will find it harder to start with this season as he was so good last year teams will mark him more and try to stop him playing, this is one reason why tevez and ronney are doing so well, people are worried about ronaldo so they are giving rooney and tevez more space.
1 - 4 of 74 Posts
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